As a volunteer-based, physician-led initiative to expand access to health care for low-income, uninsured people, you offer your community Charisma Salus™ (the gift of health). To support your community’s health care providers in offering this gift, you must have a robust computer program that tracks the patients receiving care and the providers donating their services. You must have a computerized system that your team can easily understand and utilize.

Project Access in Wichita/Sedgwick County, Kansas, a community partnership managed through the Central Plains Regional Health Care Foundation faced this same dilemma. Wichita’s Project Access program opened its doors September 1, 1999. They coordinate access to donated care for many uninsured residents. They have learned the importance of tracking patient demographics, provider services and the measurable impact their program has in their community, which is especially important in demonstrating the return-on-investment for their community partners and funders. Project Access in Wichita needed a computerized system to communicate with their remote enrollment sites, to track multiple interactions with patients over several years, generate meaningful reports and employ a software program that is easy to use. They now use an application that was custom-written for their program. It’s called Charisma Salus. Project Access in Wichita commissioned a project leader, Key Evado, LLC to develop their Charisma Salus program to meet their program’s needs. Wichita’s Project Access owns the Charisma Salus’ software license. Contact our distributor, Enegren Computers, at 316.945.4210 if you are interested in purchasing Charisma Salus for your site.

This program, written in Visual Basic, uses a Microsoft SQL server to hold its data. What this provides is:

  • Scalability, allowing it to work with one computer or a 100 equally well.
  • Industry standard, allowing for lower support costs.
  • Industry standard, allowing for flexible reporting tools, from Microsoft Access to Crystal Reports to other off the shelf solutions.
  • Industry standard, allowing for interaction between document management, electronic claims, and other tools with minimal customization required.
  • As deployed by Project Access, remote clinics can work via secure internet connections to have enrollment completed in the field.
  • The program was built from the ground up with an eye towards HIPAA compliant security, multiple locations and an easy to follow interface.

Click here for screen shots of the program.