Click the links below to see actual screen shots from version 2.0 of the program. You can then click the image itself for a larger version.

Commitments List
You begin by selecting the specialty for which you need to locate a provider. Next, the list of providers appears on the screen along with their commitments, the number taken and the date of the last referral. Clicking on any heading will sort by that heading, so you could sort by last referral date, commitments taken or the group the provider belongs to.In this example, all three Family Practice providers in the sample data belong to the same clinic, but one of them has a comment off to the right hand side. Clicking on that provider will bring up the expanded view shown below.
Provider Detail
Once the expanded view appears, you simply click “refer this provider” to establish the referral.
Appointment Add
Next, you can choose to enter the appointment information if you have it by clicking on a pop-up calendar.
Appointment Change
Once an appointment has been established, clicking on the existing appointment brings up a special appointment menu allowing you to change the appointment, clear it, quickly add another with the same provider or remove the referral entirely.