Purchase Price for Charisma Salus™ Software: $12,000

This price includes:

  • Charisma SalusTM Software
  • Services:
    Note that the purchase price does not include airfare, hotel or other travel costs to perform these services. If you have a high speed internet connection (i.e., not dial-up) we can perform these services remotely and save you this travel cost. Data conversion from existing databases where possible.
  • One full day of training, plus one full day of hands on support.
  • Customization of 10 MS-Word documents for the mail merge.
  • Typical schedule: Installer flies to the site on Thursday. Meets with staff on Friday to define customization and data conversion issues. Works over the weekend to covert from old system to new system. Trains staff on Monday, is on hand Tuesday to help with any issues that arise when they switch over. Limited customization could be done during this time.
  • 30 tech support incidents via 800 number or e-mail.
    (see incident definition below)
  • All upgrades released within that year.

Annual Price

Beginning in the second year, you must be on the pre-paid support plan to receive updates and technical support on the product. The annual cost for this plan is $1,500 per year and is due one year from your initial installation and the anniversary date each year there after.

  • Includes 10 tech support incidents.
    (see incident definition below)
  • Includes all upgrades released during that year.

What is a tech support incident? 

A tech support incident is defined as a single problem or question, regardless of length of time on the phone or the number of phones calls (or remote support) required to solve it. Any unused tech support incidents expire at the end of the year. Tech support incidents do not include additional customizations, they would be billed as they are requested. (Note: If it is determined that the issue was caused by a bug in the program which requires a program change to fix, you are not charged for that incident.)

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