Click the links below to see actual screen shots from version 2.0 of the program. You can then click the image itself for a larger version.

Patient Toolbar: To add a patient you simply click on the “Add New” button. The “Search” button brings up an easy to use search menu. The “View All” shows all patients, while the “Active” only shows patients currently enrolled. The “History” shows all patients you have clicked on during this login session. The “ID Card” is a fully customizable MS-Word template to print patient ID cards.
Adding a new patient begins with entering the Social Security Number. The software runs an automatic check to make sure the number entered is unique, if it finds the number, it automatically takes you to that existing patient record.
If the SSN number is identified as new, it takes you to the patient add screen.You fill in key information, such as name, address, etc. You enter the zip code and the software looks up the city, state and county from the database, easing the job of checking the county. Multiple enrollment locations are supported, with a default location specified in the program login for a given user id.

Once the patient has been entered, clicking on a patient name in the search window will bring up that patient’s information. The message center at the bottom of the screen highlights summary information on enrollment dates, and in this case of a pre-existing patient, a yellow warning appears that the patient is past enrollment.